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Message from the Mayor

Welcome to the City of Alexandria’s Diversity in Action webpage.

When we talk about diversity, we sometimes forget how important it is to the survival of a community – as fellow human beings sharing ideals and hope for a better and brighter future. In America, our diversity has contributed to our strength, enabling us to overcome many obstacles.

As a concept, diversity involves embracing that we are unique but also that this uniqueness can contribute to our success and ability to handle adversity. Look, forget about “constructs” like quota systems or mechanical applications involving the government telling you what to do with hiring, business practices, or training. That’s not what we are talking about here. To be sure, the playing field must be even, but that just allows everyone to compete from the same starting line, not advancing or burdening anyone else.

I believe we are morally obligated to implement a model for inclusiveness in our City, and then promote this model to our region.

This administration is committed to “bring the citizenry diversity in action, a renewal of smart, community-based planning for our City (which includes consideration of the needs and ideas of all citizens, not just a few), and to show those who refuse to recognize the moral necessity of “a shared vision for action” the absolute necessity for such a shared vision on the basis of economic grounds.

I know first hand that we can “prove diversity works; inclusiveness makes money; community-based planning positively affects cities.” This Administration follows models of other successful cities in America that re engaging the diverse workforces to capitalize on what exist in their communities. Cities must be honest and communicate to overcome racial, cultural, discriminatory, and other barriers to a productive workplace.

We can help without creating additional burden or unfair competitive advantages. This website explains how.

Thanks and Let’s build a great community together, capitalizing on our differences to produce unique, cultural advantages for our diverse community. Let’s respect each other and say “No” to those who seek to divide this community. Let’s highlight our common goals and embrace our individual uniqueness, because that’s what makes us strong and vibrant community.

Thank You
Jacques M. Roy, Mayor, City of Alexandria